These celebrities are devoutly Christian? Really?!

Athletes, Actors, Singers, Comedians, here are 20 people you might not know are also Christians.

Source: These celebrities are devoutly Christian — and you probably didn’t realize it – Photos – Washington Times

So, as I was perusing the Internet, I came across an article in the Washington times about the devout Christian nature of some celebrities. It immediately caught my attention because when I see the words Christian and celebrity next to each other, my initial reflex is that there’s a contradiction. And to see the “devout” adjective as an opening proclamation caused me to further perk up my ears, so to speak. My response is not intended to be an accusation against the celebrities and their personal walk; just a belief that it could be problematic when deriving exemplary recognition from individuals as a basis for one’s own Christian understanding, especially famous ones.

In this generation, it is painfully clear that the strength of a Christian framework, in regards to societal norms and proprieties, has been perverted and largely abandoned. It is even troubling how the secular world and especially the media flippantly attach the word Christian to people and events in history; clearly, misrepresented and obfuscating reasonable connections to what’s written in the Bible. This is troubling because of the growing trend of persecuting Christians around the world. So, when a society decides to attribute the idea of Christianity to those who are closer to what they feel comfortable with, they will be more persecuting towards the ones whose understanding is closer to what the scripture says.

Historically, the Greeks and Romans used the word Christian as a label–which wasn’t meant as a badge of honor from a societal point of view–to refer to the disciples of Jesus Christ. This label clearly distinguished a shift in behavioral patterns of the disciples of Jesus from a society influenced by the Hellenistic period. Therefore, it’s always troubling for me to read articles that say this person clearly represents Christian principles or that person represents the Christian life, which the word “devout” denotes. Referring to anyone as a clear product of Christianity is misleading, especially in this day and age.

What started me down this tirade was the mention of Carrie Underwood as being a devout Christian. Talented singer? Yes! Friendly, kind and generous to the people around her? More than likely. However, when we consider the truest sense of Christianity or look to hold someone up as an ensample, we see that she falls short–according to past articles-in a clearly defined Biblical theology. If Mrs. Underwood was the devout Christian, she wouldn’t be endorsing same-sex marriages. Regardless of your position in society and current cultural norms, one can’t reasonably and accurately argue that a same-sex relationship is Biblically supported. So, while I’m no arbiter in matters of her personal walk with Jesus Christ, I can determine that, through scriptural integrity, she’s willingly or ignorantly holding to unbiblical theology.

Then there’s Kathy Lee Gifford. And although, we can’t fault a celebrity for events out of their control, one can reasonably conjecture a celebrity has the resources to look before stepping. Therefore, her past dealings with Walmart should’ve been easy to avoid. Why then didn’t she see the problems that could have arisen? The promise of more, perhaps? I don’t claim to know, but, again, a disqualification of the monicker “devout.”

Do I even need to go down the path of Gosling or Alice Cooper? According to the article, Gosling was raised Mormon; not quite the example of a devout Christian if you compare the Mormon religion texts with what the Bible says about Jesus and Satan. In addition, he makes no clear defense for Christian principles other than to throw out a couple platitudes of eating and living religiosity; which can mean just about anything. Yeah…I’m not sold. Children out of wedlock; in and out of relationships? Again, I don’t know the man or his current spiritual walk. But devout? No.

Alice Cooper? Really?! From my very limited vantage point, his current actions are no different than his past–except for the wear and tear of age. If I’m not mistaken, his current behavioral pattern is to go on stage and rock the secular crowd. I don’t see any transformation in the sense of spiritual awakening. His twitter feed reads as if he’s just another famous person meeting, greeting and paying respects to those in his celebrity crowd. He’s not shown remorse or denounced his past behaviors as being an abomination in God’s eyes. So, how then, if he’s still touring, hanging out with his rock-n-roll buddies, mentioning nothing about the importance of salvation is he a “devout” Christian?

To restate the nature of my post: it’s not intended to be a hit piece on any of the celebrities mentioned. Maybe…just maybe if confronted, they’d disparage such an article which lifts them up to such a stature in the Christian framework. My point is that a criterion for being placed in the devout category is reflective of scripture. One can read in Genesis 2:24, Adam proclaims a man and woman’s natural union; In Mark 10:7 Jesus affirms it; and in Ephesians 5:31, Paul reaffirms it. These three versus are not the only argument for same-sex unions when referring to Christianity, but it clearly establishes what is accepted in the eyes of God. We can see that in Leviticus 19:36 encourages us to be just in our business dealings. Or how about Titus 2:7 informing us to be given to a pattern of good works and running from corrupt behavior. Just a few scriptural references to consider. However, in all honesty, I find it more likely that most people throwing the Christian label around are lacking 2nd Timothy 2:15.


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